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collagen effective way to eliminate dark circles

This product is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids human body required, including  hydroxyproline, glycine, proline, which serves as function like protecting skins but can not be synthesized by our own bodies; 7 kinds of nutritious amino acids of human muscles and bone need; as well as two kinds of semi-amino acids to promote children’s growth. Low molecular weight, easy digestion and absorption, it plays important role in supplying nutrients to organization and structure of the human body, regulating physiological functions, improving the sub-health status, and maintaining human healthy and so on. That continuous using it can supplement the collagen decreased in our bodies, and work for removing wrinkle, whitening, moisturizing, tendering skin, enhancing breast, losing weight, repairing intestine and stomach, improving sleep, enhancing immunity and repairing body’s structure and organization.

【 function and usage】  

1.increasing the immunity

The level of immunity has much thing to do with some biological molecular named immunoglobulin, such as lymphocytes and macrophages.  When the outside is invading, immunity cells will automatically surround and swallow it to protect human body and keep it healthy.        

Experimental result shows that the bonding of immune protein with collagen protein enables phagocytosis increase nearly 100 times. When immune cells throughout the body with the blood, it can be close to the outside (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.) by directly cross the blood vessel wall, and combines with collagen in a timely manner to fight against the outside to protect our bodies..

2, anti-aging
From 20-year-old on, content of collagen in our skin begins to regularly decrease. As we grow, the ability of fibroblast synthesizing collagen declines, leading to the rate of collagen’s metabolism slows down, and soluble collagen gradual decreases. That is why the collagen-rich organization begins to show the age-related physiological changes, such as atherosclerosis, skin elasticity reducing and wrinkles, cataract, flexibility of bones and joints reducing, osteoporosis and so on. Supplementing collagen can promote the effect of collagen synthesis and collagen metabolism, slow down aging trends, and remove various physiological signs for deficiency of collagen.

  3. Beauty
(1) moisturizing effect. Stratum corneum of the skin contains water at 10% to 20%. Losing water means losing soft, elasticity and slickness, even resulting in wrinkles. Containing a large number of hydrophilic groups (moisturizing factor), low molecular weight collagen peptide has good compatibility with the skin, which can penetrate the skin and arrived at the dermis layer to improve skin moisture.

(2) Repair skin. Collagen has a unique effect in repairing, for it has good compatibility with the surrounding tissue. Thus it is indispensible in skin ‘s growth, repair and nutrition. Collagen has good permeability, so it is easily absorbed by skin as stuffing between skin matrix to stretch wrinkles and make skin be full of elasticity.

(3) Whitening. Collagen is rich in tyrosine residues, which enables inhibiting the formation of melanin by inhibiting of tyrosinase activity to realize the purpose of whitening.
(4) Moisturize hair. Key of hair healthy lies in nutrition of subcutaneous tissue of hair scalp, for the collagen in the dermis layer is the nutrition supply station of epidermis and epidermal appendages, such as hair. Besides providing nutrition to hair, supplementing collagen by oral or external use (mask, cosmetic, etc.) can keep you youthful.

  4 losing weight
With the improvement of living, more and more people are suffering obesity, hypertension and high triglycerides, high cholesterol, which results in cardiovascular disease become a kind of extensive disease.

Collagen can not only lower the content of triglyceride and cholesterol but increase that of some trace elements lack in the bodies, and remains it at a relatively normal range. On the other word, collagen is an ideal food to losing weight and lowering the blood fat.
Losing weight means decomposing fat, and collagen peptide can activate lipase activity to enhance and extend the catabolism process.

After supper, please eat nothing but 250ml liquid collagen (equals to 10 grams collagen powder) and directly go to sleep so that you can achieve the best effect of losing weight, for this function can only work when people are in the sleep status. That is why people say: “as long as you sleep, you can lose weight without any side-effect”.

5, prevention of osteoporosis
Hydroxyproline, the characteristics amino acids of collagen, serves as the carrier of calcium to the bone cells in the blood, and collagen in the bone cells is adhesive for HAP. It is hydroxyproline and HAP that makes up the main body of bone.
When people are advanced, the quality of the collagen in bones will diminish and quantity will surprisingly decrease so that it can not effectively stick all the HAP together. This situation is called osteoporosis. Generally speaking, collagen in the body begins to lose from 20-year-old. Especially for the woman, speed of lose are several times than that of the man, for woman is more easily suffer the hormone imbalance caused by age.

Collagen in the bone likes a net full of small holes; which can strongly hold the calcium. Without this net, although you supplement lots of calcium, it will be in vain because it will directly lose.

Normal food is not lack calcium. So as long as supplement enough collagen, you can keep enough input of calcium. Therefore the best way to maintain joints and bones’ health is intussuscepting collagen in time.

Warm tip:

Please be patient when you use collagen by oral, for it will take a period of time to improve the structure and maintain skin healthy, but the moisture effect can be showed quickly and pores will be not evident longer. We are sure that fine lines and wrinkles will disappear after long-time use, Its resistibility will be increasely enhanced, so you do not need to worry about your skin even in cold winter.

The expert analyzes a collagen ten greatest common senses

The collagen is the important composition which maintains the body normal activity the indispensability.Also in the meantime is make the body keep young, prevent°from aging material.Moreover, the collagen can also prevent°from disease, improve physical endowment, all very helpful to the hairdressing and the healths.

The collagen is in fact a kind of protein

The related knowledge of the collagen 1:The collagen of various each kind is in fact a kind of protein!

The collagen is in fact a kind of existent protein inside the body.Only protein has already counted 100,000 kinds in the body, the collagen about has in the protein in the body 1/3, each parts that are in the body all take a lot of important works.

 The related knowledge of the collagen 2:The collagen most is in the muscle and the ligaments, but skeleton the top also has!

While have no water appearance the collagens all occupy a very high comparison, 73% of the muscle, 86% of ligaments, cartilage of 53%, all of 26%s of skeleton are it, take various important function in these places, is also the main composition within layer of the skin leather.


The collagen is basic support of the skin and skeleton

The related knowledge of the collagen 3:If absorb a collagen, the skin is naturally natural, also very good to the arms and legs, skeleton!

The collagen is basic support of the skin and skeleton, is also an internal organs formation, cell growth of foundation, develop the function of various each kind in the body.Be the words that the nutritious food absorbs a collagen, will raise the humidity content, increment of skin cell flexibility, increase hair silk flexibility and sheen, make the nail not easy fission, the skeleton density promote, the collagen fiber of ligaments become thick, density exaltation etc., these valid of function, all got an on trial confirmation, create the beautiful skin is indispensable!

The related knowledge of the collagen 4:Recommend of absorb time before being an empty stomach perhaps sleeping!

Empty stomach take will promote an absorption rate, before have a meal perhaps have a meal medium absorb an absorption efficiency higher.The usually most ideal circumstance is the collagen which implies one fixed amount at any time inside body, so a talent absorbs a meeting 2~3 times better.Still have, skin would at sleeping of time carry on renewing a work, so recommend to absorb before go to bed.Now is just collagen to have 29 kinds

 The related knowledge of the collagen 5:Because insolation, age growth and sugar turn phenomenon, collagen inside the body will reduce

Healthy collagen curve inside the body, at 25 years old is one"turn Cape", the amount starts reduce, 40 years old reduce to 50%, 60 years old reduce to 30%.The its main reason contains 3:00.1.The ultraviolet ray A wave will break a collagen.2.The age growth will let the metabolism speed lower.Pass the metabolism will pass enzyme decomposition to the aging collagen, born and new collagen from the fiber bud the cell, so after being subjected to influence, this kind of metabolism of the speed also lowered.3.The collagen sugar turn.The sugar turns to mean that collagen and sugar combine.The sugar can't resolve after turn, the aging collagen has been occupy position, and the new collagen doesn't have born place.

 The related knowledge of the collagen 6:Now is just collagen to have 29 kinds!

 Have already discover now of the collagen have 29 kinds.Mainly is a combination of collagen net in the skin leather the layer, have protection the skin smooth function thus, the other type Ⅲs, Ⅴ , Ⅵ also have some.Base film mainly is Ⅳ type collagen.

The collagen is born and the decomposition is to pass a metabolism

The related knowledge of the collagen 7:Even absorb at a time a lot of also have no effect!?

 The physical endowment, weight, body appearance, food…etc. are different, will make effect different.The collagen is born and the decomposition pass a metabolism, so compare with 1 time to in great quantities absorb, recommend had better be continuously to take a 5~10 g a collagen everyday.

The related knowledge of the collagen 8:The fish collagen has a lot of advantages!

 The fish collagen withdrawn from fish easily resolves under the low temperature appearance, this the biggest characteristic that is it.Usually withdrew from various fishes, refinement after, the manufacturing produces an article.The product of our company didn't add any additive, for do a stability high of fish collagen, finally developped a new refinement technique after experience a series failure.



Bird's taking a county is a collagen to study the ex-est to follow

The related knowledge of the collagen 9:Bird's taking a county is a collagen to study the ex-est to follow!

The bird takes fish of county to succeed in catching quantity should be very high in the whole day, it owns a vast ocean resources.Studied to there is abundant collagen in a fish at the earliest stage here, hence established a lot of public, the think factory of folks, accelerated collagen decomposition and the refinement technical research.Pass university perhaps private organization to wait common development propulsion, here also become a handful of a few fish collagen forerunner to develop one of the bases in the world.The manufacturing collagen in the county of original the material quality be superior, hence in the whole country widely for circulate.

The related knowledge of the collagen 10:"Collagen" comes from Greece language!

Collagen this name comes from Greece language."Colla" is "gum" and"gen" is a "since" meaning.The gum has a sticky cooperation to use, before is conduct and actions sticky match an usage.