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Chinese Boxwood bonsai seeds buxus microphylla

Genus: Buxus

Species: microphylla sinica

Common Name: chinese Boxwood

Pre-treatment: required

Height / Spread: 1.2m/1.2m

Plant Type: Small Shrub

Growth rate: slow

Vegetation type: evergreen ornamental

Leaf /Flower color: Green/Green


Commonly used in gardening as hedge, this species of Boxwood is more commonly used in Bonsai because of it’s small leaves and growth habit.

This is an evergreen species that can grow to moderate heights of about 1-3 meters and bears leaves that are a conspicuous green. The leaves have an oval shape and can grow up to 10- 25 mm in length. The leaf tip is round.

This plant is grown as an ornamental one in various regions of the world. The tree bears flowers that are not so visible but give off heavy odors.

Since these plants are quite hard they can serve useful in building hedges, tubs, borders, topiary and coastal gardens. They are found to adapt well to any kind of soil.