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Cestrum nocturnum seed

Cestrum nocturnum

An evergreen woody shrub growing to 13 ft tall. The leaves are simple, narrow and lance shaped, broad, smooth and glossy, with an entire margin. The flowers are greenish-white, with a slender tubular corolla, almost an inch long with five acute lobes, that open at night and releases a powerful, sweet perfume. The fruit is a small aubergine colored berry. The fruits and foliage should not be consumed as there are mixed reports regarding their toxicity.

Cestrum nocturnum is grown in subtropical regions as an ornamental plant for its flowers that are heavily perfumed at night. It grows best in average to moist soil that is light and sandy, with a neutral pH of 6.6 to 7.5, and is hardy to hardiness zone 8. C. nocturnum can be fertilized biweekly with a weak dilution of seaweed and fish emulsion fertilizer.


Cestrum nocturnum seed