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Calophyllum inophyllum seed

A medium-sized to large evergreen tree 8-25 m in height, sometimes reaching up to 35 m. Canopy width is often greater than the tree¯s height when the tree is grown in open locations. It has a broad, spreading crown, often with large, gnarled, horizontal branches. The light gray bark shows deep fissures alternating with flat ridges. Sap is milky white. It bears clusters of 4-15 fragrant white flowers about 2.5 cm across and 8-14 mm long on long, sturdy stalks in leaf axils. There are 4-8 oblong petals. The opposite leaves are dark green, shiny, and hairless with broadly elliptical blades 10-20 cm long and 6-9 cm wide. Both the tip and base of the leaves are rounded. Leaf veins run parallel to each other and perpendicular to the midrib. The ball-shaped, light green fruits grow in clusters. Fruits are 2-5 cm in diameter. The skin, which turns yellow and then brown and wrinkled when the fruit is ripe, covers the thin pulp, the shell, a corky inner layer, and a single seed kernel. One large brown seed 2-4 cm in diameter is found in each fruit.