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ailanthus altissima seeds Heaven Tree


Genus: Ailanthus
Species: altissima

Common Name: tree of Heaven

Pre-treatment: required

Height / Spread: 18m/12m

Plant Type: Medium Tree

Growth rate: very fast (up to 2 m 1st year)

Vegetation type: decidious

Germination rate: very high

Leaf /Flower color: green/yellow green

  this tree are deep green, coarsely ferny and have a malodorous smell reminiscent of burnt rubber and peanut butter. Each leaf can have as many as 25 lance-shaped leaflets. This species is mostly dioecious, which means trees produce either male or female flowers, though some trees may have perfect, or bisexual, flowers. The tiny, greenish yellow flowers bloom in spring or summer, depending on geography, and the male flowers emit a foul odor. Bees, beetles and other insects pollinate the blooms. The females produce massive clusters of papery pink or reddish brown seeds. Thousands of the winged seeds (samaras) are produced and germinate quickly and easily. The brittle stems and trunk are covered with smooth gray bark with lighter gray vertical cracks.