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Zoysia japonica seed

Zoysia is an excellent all round grass. Great in winter, requires less mowing and can handle lots of wear.

Zyosia has shown an ability to go dormant with drought stress, yet return to great condition quickly after rain. This feature allows the grass to go long periods without requiring irrigation.

Easy to look after, requires less water, good at out competing weeds, requires less mowing than most other commercially grown lawns in Australia.
Easy to keep looking good. It tolerates extreme wear, low thatching, less scalping, good in the shade, good to moderate winter colour and a relatively finer leaf.
Zoysia has a massive and dense root system, far more extensive than Couch. These deep, tough rhizomes not only ensure the strongest and easiest to handle turf rolls or slabs .

It’s a strong grass that can take a lot of wear and tear, yet requires very little mowing.

Zoysia thrives in hot, humid or desert areas, but also has excellent cold tolerance. It can cope with temperatures from -40°C to +40°C


Zoysia japonica seed