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White Paeony Seed

Perfect for gardeners in pursuit of an easy-to-grow large flowering plant. It has fascinating, large, fully double white flowers, with lovely crinkled petals. “White Cloud” Paeony Poppy is superb in the Flower border.
These plants are showstoppers when they're in full bloom, the tallest are at eye level. With their impressive variety, spectacular blooms and strange seed pods, Peony poppies are one of the easiest ways to add a bit of architecture and a lot of dazzle to your garden.

Peony poppies send up thick flower stems that rise as high as 5 feet and produce five to ten nodding flower heads. When the flowers do burst, overnight, from their casings, the gardener is treated to some of the most dramatic flowers in the plant kingdom. As if this weren't enough to tempt any gardener, once the petals drop, one is left with a spectacular, instantly recognisable seedpod.
Grow in deep, well-drained, fertile soil in full sun. Enrich soil with manure, or bone meal before planting, (or any organic fertiliser rich in nitrogen). P. somniferums grow quickly; give sufficient water to increase both the number of flowers and their individual size. Although these poppies gobble up the nutrients, their eventual show will be more than worth the proper environment.