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Verbena hastata Blue Vervain

 oil Medicinal

Blue Vervain has a calming, relaxing effect on the system which aids in breaking down obstructions and with a stimulating effect helps to expel waste from the system. It is reported to have particular influence over the nervous system, being both sedative and restorative in affect.

 Blue Vervain, as with so many other of the herbal remedies dates back in time of use to ancient times. The root was used for malaria and dyentery in china, they used the stalk and leaves for blood conditions and for relieving congestion and helping to cleanse out body toxins.

Blue Vervain was used as a cure all and by some as being a sacred plant. The leaves of the Blue Vervain were used to make a tea by the American Indians as a female tonic. They also used it for colds, fevers, and complaints of bowel problems.

*Blue Vervain is a quieting herb that helps calm coughing and is a natural tranquilizer.

*Blue Vervain is a mild laxative, causes perspiration and has the over-all effect of inducing relaxation.

*Blue Vervain has the ability to alleviate fevers, settle the onset of a cold, especially with upper respiratory inflammation of the lungs.

*Blue Vervain will aid in expelling phlegm from the throat and chest.

*Blue Vervain is helpful at expelling worms and often works where other remedies fail