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Tilia mandshurica seed

Tilia mandshurica Manchurian Linden

tree height up to 15 (20) m, often multi-stem from the base. The bark of old trunks is gray-brown, with longitudinal cracks; the bark of one-year-old branches is smooth, brown, quite densely covered with small, brown, stellate and simple hairs. Crown thick, wide.
Shoots yellowish-green, covered with thick felt stellate and simple hairs.
Kidney length(2)4-7 (8) mm, densely covered with yellowish-brown stellate and simple hairs. When reaching the age of one year the kidneys become naked.
Petioles half the length of leaf blade, densely pubescent with stellate hairs, 4-5 cm long, on a strong coppice shoots and up to 8-10 cm Leaves of fertile shoots rounded or broadly ovate, (6)8-10(12) cm long and wide, with attenuate acute apex, base cordate or truncate, symmetrical, sinuate-serrate, with large teeth 3-5 mm long, pointing to the top of the sheet, gradually turning into a sharp point, thick, shiny on top, green, glabrous or with isolated hairs, below densely pubescent with stellate hairs; basal veins 6-10, veins of the second order 5-6, veins of the third order are parallel, due to dense pubescence sometimes slightly noticeable; leaves of sterile shoots of the same shape as the fruit, but larger, up to 20-30 cm long and wide, less densely pubescent from below, the base is more deeply notched, the teeth are larger; leaves of shoots of a different shape, deltoid, at the base with a deep heart—shaped notch, with a relatively shorter petiole, constituting 1⁄3 – ¼ of the length of the plate.. Seeds need complex stratification: warm stratification 90-120 days then cold stratification 90-120 days.