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Terminalia catappa seed

The first step is preparation. Fresh water needs to reach the living seed inside the protective casing. This can be done by sanding the seed in one spot until a hole appears, or using a Dremel tool to grind away a spot or cut a small portion of the seed coat away. Avoid the area at either end of the seed, as that is likely where it will sprout from.

Put in a shallow dish of fresh water and leave it overnight or about 24 hours. The seed will swell as it absorbs water. After that, it is planted in good soil in a pot at a depth of 1-1/2 – 2 inches. Do not let it sit in the water for a long time or it can start to rot. I have simply planted the seed without the soaking, with some good results.

Eventually a little shoot will emerge from the soil. After that, feed it with any good liquid fertilizer, follow the directions. Give it direct sunlight, and continue watering.

Keeping them alive outside in a cool winter climate is difficult.

If you can keep them inside As is the case with many tropical trees, tropical almond can be grown in a container where its size can be controlled.

Has salt and drought tolerance. It thrives as an ornamental tree in many tropical cities in the world, and can become a large deciduous stately tree, growing up to 90 feet tall.