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Stipa Capillata seed

Stipa is a ‘must have’ for many garden designers. When a swathe of grass is called for, Stipa is drafted in with its feathery heads, adding movement and texture as they undulate in the wind. The silvery-white Flower panicles make this grass a very attractive addition to the landscape.

Stipa capillata ‘Bridal Veil’ is one of the prettiest perennial grasses. Forming a dense, glossy green clump of foliage they bloom in summer with beautiful upright plumes. The hair-like awns are at first clear green, and as they mature they turn a beautiful silvery-white.
The plants are easy to grow in moderately fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. They can be used in borders or in meadows, used as ground covers, on slopes and for natural recovery. They can be planted as single isolated specimens or amongst perennials, in small groups, or in swathes.

Ornamental grasses are easy to maintain and the rewards are great when grasses grace your landscape, adding colour, texture, and movement. Backlighting grasses is another excellent way to wake up the landscape.
The awns can be cut and dried when first opened for use in winter arrangements indoors. Alternatively they make a useful winter food source for finches and other seed-eating birds.

70cm height. Sow directly into open ground any time of year.