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Siberian ginseng seed senticosus Acanthopanax

Common name:Eleutherococcus senticosus seeds

Used by athletes to improve endurance. Possesses powerful tonic and restorative properties and was found to relieve the effects of mental and physical stress. Its action differs from that of true ginseng as it does not cause insomnia in large doses. Stimulates the body to overcome all forms of illness, stimulates the immune system, increases energy, improves concentration and memory, lowers blood sugar levels, aids in relieving depression, said to be a sexual stimulant.  Tones the body during times of stress. During menopause helps to rejuvenate the system and balance hormones as well as regulating hot flashes. Is also used during chemotherapy to aid the chemotherapy drugs to penetrate cancer cells more easily and to reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Eleuthero is claimed to enhance the immune system and its responses as well as increasing the stamina and Libido. It is thought to facilitate memory and concentration. It is helpful in relieving the fatigue and increase ability for one to work. Eleuthero also shows its activity in stressful situation and helpful for those suffering from stress. It is traditional chinese medicine used as a remedy for the insomnia.