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Sequoiadendron giganteum seed

Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant Sequoia / Giant Redwood / Wellingtonia)

These are the largest trees and the largest organism on the
planet by mass, they are native to North America,
particularly in California. and grow to an
average height of 50 – 90m tall, and
can live for well over 3000 years!!

They have a fibrous fissured bark which helps
protect them from forest fires,
which is essential for successful dispersal of its seeds,
the heat encourages the cones to open!

Due to their imposing height, they can make a formidable addition
to your garden, but make a fantastic subject for Bonsai cultivation!

Botanical Nomenclature: Sequoiadendron Giganteum
Family: Cupressaceae
Origin: Sierra nevada, California
Height: Between 65 and 95 meters of height and 6 to 8 meters in diameter
Tropical and subtropical climates
Frost resistant

Giant sequoia grows today as an ornamental spocie in several parts of the world.

A timber of spirituosos maturas are highly resistant degraded, but seriously fibrosas and broken, generally indequately for a construction. Very used for roofs, mour’ses and sponge of christmas.

The trees are so large that when they discovered for the first time in 1850, many of them did not believe that they had been or was real, it was taken an exhibition and had to be a huge fraud. Later, another, riore, whole, it was cut and shipped out of excellence of exposure from a largest exposure and, then, it was famous in any america.

In 1890, the conservation american john muir leaded a public protest against his destroyment, what happened to a designa? Of the national park of the sequóia, today visited by people of the all world.

All the sequoiadendon wild forests are protected, almost everyone is in public lands, and the most are relatively difficult to visit, between the most popular? A giant forest at sequoia national park.

The Giant Sequícia – frequently call of the largest living on earth.