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Securidaca longipedunculata seed

Mpesu ( Securidaca longipedunculata ) sexual stimulant :

The powdered roots of the mpesu tree, found in the Venda Hills in the Northern reaches of the Limpopo Province,
are used to make a potent aphrodisiac.

It enhances performance and increases size, improves virility and treats impotency.

Here’s an excerpt from a local newspaper –

The love secrets of Limpopo are soon to be unleashed, and it is only a matter of time before several rural
Venda communities are thrust headlong into the First World economy. Soon the hills to the north will be crawling with
sex tourists, as they trample about the place in their white socks and sandals, seeking out these plants,
as they pursue their unusual cultural exchange programmes.

According to one newspaper report, all that is preventing one vhaVenda community from cashing in on the rootbark,
widely acknowledged as a powerful aphrodisiac when crushed to powder, is a land claim over an avocado farm.

Once this trifling formality is out of the way, the community will move in, plant these rare trees and then sit back smugly
as the pharmaceutical companies fight it out for the right to develop the “African Vi agra”.

The universities of Pretoria and Venda have vouched for the potency of the drug. In controlled laboratory conditions at Tuks University,
mpesu was tested on animals. They went at it like rabbits!
While at Venda university, alas, some students got it on their fingers and, well, we can’t tell you what happened…

So enjoy a natural alternative to boosting sexual performance, and enhance your sexual prowess today.

How to Use :
Place one half or heaped teaspoon into a cup.
Add enough boiling water to fill the cup.
Allow the water in the cup to cool while stirring occasionally.
Drink and enjoy!
(PS : Some people also add it to smoothie-style drinks).