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Rumex patientia seed

Botanical name:  Rumex patientia

Common Names: Patience Dock, English spinach, Garden patience, herb patience, Monks rhubarb.

Habitat: Patience Dock is found in the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Himachal Pradesh, at altitudes of 2100-4100 m. It is common in Ladakh and Lahaul. It is also found in C. Asia and W. Asia.

Plant Description: Patience Dock is a perennial herb with stout erect stem up to 1.2 m tall, branched at top. Lower leaves are oblong-lanceshaped pointed, with often wavy margins, carried on long stalks. Upper leaves are smaller, lanceshaped.
Flowers are small, yellowish-green, in whorls arranged in numerous spike-like clusters forming a long compact leafy inflorescence.
Fruit is enclosed in rounded net-veined valves 4-6 x 4-5 mm, with notched or cut-off base and more or less pointed tip.
As the leaves become large and perhaps tough, simply cut the plants back and new, tender leaves will quickly appear.
Patience dock is an extremely long-lived plant, and is cold-hardy to at least Zone 4. Flowering: June-July.

Plant Part/s Used Traditionally: Whole plant,Flower,Leaves,Seeds.