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Rumex acetosella seed

Sheep sorrel has a tangy flavor and many wonderful medicinal properties. It is normally used as remedy and treatment of Cancer in herbal tea. Sheep Sorrel is considered an easy growing plant and is a very hardy plant as it is able to grow in many climates, surviving temperatures as low as 0°C. Sheep sorrel has wonderful health benefits. It is one of the plants in the Essiac formula (a recipe purported to aid cancer sufferers) and Native American Camas Prairie tea. Sorrel is great in soups, salads and sauces as its tangy sour flavor works well in most meals. Start growing your own Sheep Sorrel today!
Light: partial shade to full sun
Temperature range: 5°C- 30°C
Watering: light, frequent watering, avoid water logged
Soil:  Ph neutral to acidic soil. Well drained soil
Germinate time: 2-3 weeks
Mature time:  end of season after one year
Max size: 1ft wide by 3 ft tall
Flower blooming: flowers from May to August