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Ricinus communis seed

Ricinus communis seed

Usually grown as an annual, the Castor Bean plant may reach 8 feet in height or more by the end of the summer. They will get big!

These unusual deep purple Castor Bean plants have large and attractive deep purple seed pods along with purple leaves and purple stacks – they make a STRIKING hedge or specimen plants.


Castor Beans beautiful patterns and colors (Ricinus Communis), palm of Christ, Wonderboom, Kreuzbaum, castor oil

Have you been searching for a reliable birth control remedy? There is something about castor seeds and birth control that you should know.

You may have heard some stories about how family planning implants fail some women.

People have talked about babies coming out at birth with a ring that was meant to stop the pregnancy.

This situation has created some form of discomfort for some women.

It is especially so when they had hung boots, hoping to just take care of the children they already had.

Interestingly, there are natural ways of preventing pregnancy or family planning as you may chose to refer to it.

Basically, some persons practise withdrawal method while some understudy their ovulation period and their body. But research says 1 in 4 women who practise natural contraceptive get pregnant.


Castor bean is used to make castor oil, which is a strong laxative. In pregnancy, castor oil might start labor by stimulating the uterus.
Some women have also inserted natural castor oil into their vagina to reduce fertilisation of the egg by the semen.


There are no general recommendation on how to use castor seeds as contraceptive.

However, WebMD reported that “there is some evidence that a single dose of castor seeds with the outer coat removed (hulled) can work as a contraceptive for up to 8-12 months”.

To use castor seeds, they must be hulled, as the shell is said to be poisonous.

Also, a study indicated that castor seeds contain ricin, one of the most toxic substances known.