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Rhizoma Dioscoreae seed

Rhizoma Dioscoreae contains large amounts of mucilage. Mucilage is a thick, slimy substance produced by plants. It has a soothing effect on mucous membranes, such as the tissues that line the respiratory passages. This may explain why Rhizoma Dioscoreae is effective at relieving cough.
Traditional chinese medicine classifies Rhizoma Dioscoreae as neutral and sweet. It serves to tonify and augment the spleen and stomach; augment the lung yin and tonify the lung qi; and stabilize, tonify, and bind the kidneys. Rhizoma Dioscoreae enters through the spleen, lung, and kidney channels (meridians). It is used as a tonic (restores tone to tissues).
Rhizoma Dioscoreae is used to treat weak digestion with fatigue and diarrhea, general weakness, frequent urination, decreased appetite, leukorrhagia (excessive vaginal discharge), premature ejaculation, the symptoms associated with iabetes, and chronic wheezing (whistling sound caused by breathing difficulty) and oughing.