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Pseudocydonia sinensis seed

Sweet quince fruits make for great jams, pies, wines and ciders or even fresh off of the branch!

The beautiful light pink flowers of the chinese Quince boast a honey-citrus spice fragrance that is sure to seduce your senses. In fall, the leaves of the Chinese Quince turn to beautiful shades of orange and red. The fluted, paper-like trunks display patches grey, green and brown colors and are beautiful to gaze upon as well.

Pseudocydonia Sinensis produces large quince fruits and grows to be up to 10-19 ft. tall. Most plant quince trees for the beautiful flowers and delicious and sweet fruits, some grow them as a Bonsai specimen.

Chinese Quince for Health
The fruits of the Chinese Quince are medicinal. Antitussive in nature, it boasts beneficial acids and flavonoids. The rutin and quecertin content of quince fruit is impressive for the health conscientious.