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Pinanga coronata seed

Pinanga coronata

Common names:
Ivory Cane Palm

Habitat and Distribution:

Rainforest on Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi.


A very attractive, medium sized, clumping palm, to about 20’ tall, with light mottling on the leaves.


Warm, sheltered, and moist. Prefers rich acidic soil. Relatively easy to grow.


None prettier in the palm kingdom!


Previously split into 2 species, (P. kuhli being the other), it is now thought to be just a highly variable single species. P. kuhli is the form found in the lower elevations, whilst P. coronata is found at higher altitudes.

The Ivory Cane Palm is best grown in part to full shade. It is mainly grown in the tropics, but this palm has some tolerance to cold and can withstand cold temperatures for short amounts of time. In the garden this Ivory Cane prefers a sheltered and moist position, is quite easy to grow and very rewarding! It also makes an excellent indoor plant.

For screening and attractiveness, the Ivory Cane Palm is a good alternative clumper to the Golden Cane or Rhapis and one that could be utilised more in landscaping.

Pinanga coronata seed