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Pachira aquatica seed

(MONEY tree)seed

Pachira aquatica, which are members of the family Bombacaceae, are also called Guiana-chestnuts or Malabar-chestnuts. Many call them “money trees” and believe they bring good luck and monetary fortune to the householders who keep them. They are native to Mexico, Central America and South America, but make excellent houseplants in cooler areas, often planted in tight groups with the trunks braided together in one pot. Pachira are propagated from seeds or by rooting cuttings from established trees.

Planting instructions:

sowing the seeds place & cover 1 cm of soil, moisture but not wet indirect sunlight / shade ,
Temperature controlled at 20 degrees to 25 degrees, about a week to germinate,
Pay attention to the fertile soil and seedbed permeable is good quality &
Preferably contains sand,which will help root sprouts.
Pachira grow fast, you can grow a meter a year,
It must be trimmed to ensure that its shape is suitable.


Pachira aquatica seed