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Oroxylum Indicum or Midnight Horror tree is very fast growing found in India and

throughout south Asia. An evergreen or partially deciduous tree that grows upright

up to 20 meters high. It is known also as Indian Trumpet Flower and for its fear-

provoking (strange, oddish) ornamental properties, as well as its use in cooking

and medicinal treatments. While a tropical tree, it could survive to as low as 0C°

It has long leaves and long flower-bearing stalks that flower at night which draws

in bats. The 1 meter in length and 6 cm in diameter podded fruits, hang down from

bear branches, looking like swords.

Once the large leaf stalks shrivel, they fall off the tree and gather close to the

base of the trunk, looking like a mound of broken limb bones. The bark of the tree

and the seed pods are employed in tanning and making dye. Propagation is by seeds.

The roots, blossoms, seeds, leaves and fruit of Midnight Horror Tree or Oqroxylum

Indicum are utilized as food.

Seedlings require moderate shade in the early stages.

medical attributes

Oroxylum Indicum is a long-familiar medicinal tree in Asia. The root, skin, tree

bark and twigs, stems, foliage, blossoms, fruit and seeds have all been used to

treat a large variety of human ailments for thousands of years. That use keeps

going on today, so much so that pharmaceutical over harvesting of the tree is one

of the threats to its survival in the wild along with habitat wipe out. It has

being searched for its anti-gastric, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and

cytotoxic medicinal qualities.