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Miscanthus seed Silberspinne

Description:Of the most treasured plants in landscape design, these glorious but simple grasses provide structure and movement to your garden year-round.   Maiden Hair Grass grows to a mature height of 5-7 feet in ideal conditions with a spread of about 36 inches.  Silberspinne (or Silver Spider) has narrow green foliage complimented by the silver wide-open Flower heads.  In late summer/early fall as plants set seed, the flower heads take on a ruby glow before opening up to disperse their seeds. 

Uses:  Perennial in zones 5-9.  Plants prefer full sun but will tolerate some shade.   A good amount of space is a must and they prefer a moist soil for best performance, though they are relatively drought tolerant.  Plants flower the second season when grown from seed.  Excellent for adding height, movement and winter interest to garden.  Works well as a specimen planting or in combination with other plantings.  Provides privacy when used as a temporary hedging.  The flowers are useful in cut arrangements and are particularly beautiful in combination with purple coneflower and other late season blooms.