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Ilex rotunda seed

Ilex rotunda (Kurogane holly or round leaf holly) is a smooth evergreen tree from the holly genus, reaching 18 m at maturity (although 20 m is also reported). It has spineless leaves and clusters of bright-red berries.

Kurogane holly was first described in 1784 by Carl Peter Thunberg, from species growing in Japan. It was first introduced to gardens of the New World through collections sent by Robert Fortune.

The tree blossoms in April and the seeds become ripe from October to December. The flowers are dioecious. The fruits contain flavonols. In Japan, kurogane holly is one of the hibakujumoku trees. It is also the official tree of several Japanese municipalities.

Ilex koshunensis Yamamoto; I. microcarpa Lindley & Paxton; I. rotunda var. microcarpa (Lindley & Paxton) S. Y. Hu; ?I. rotunda var. sinensis Masamune; I. sasakii Yamamoto; I. unicanaliculata C. J. Tseng.