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Glebionis segetum seed

Glebionis segetum

Chrysanthemum segetum

It is a great plant for adding to meadows, prairie type plantings, cottage gardens, rockeries, sowing on bare ground or for making seed bombs. It does well in drier well drained sites in full sun at the front of the border, but is quite tolerant of other soil types and moisture. It grows to around 1m high and 0.5m across but often stays smaller. It has slightly fleshy, pinnately lobed leaves 5 – 20cm long and has solitary, bright yellow, daisy-like flowerheads ~5cm across with a ring of ray florets and a centre of disc florets. It has a long flowering period from late Spring though to Autumn and readily self seeds. Great for Pollinators! Leaves and new shoots can be eaten in salads or browned in Olive Oil..


Glebionis segetum seed