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Festuca cinerea seed

Blue Fescue (Festuca cinerea glauca Varna) – Create low-growing clumps with Blue Fescue seed. These ornamental grasses are excellent for the front of the border, and the blue-green color complements colorful ornamentals. Blue Fescue has traditionally been viewed only as a clumping ornamental grass with a few plants spaced in a landscape bed, but Blue Fescue grass also mixes well with wildflowers and does not crowd them out. A low maintenance ground cover can be created by using Blue Fescue ornamental grass seed. The waxy leaf covering reduces transpiration so the Blue Fescue plant can survive extended droughts and the stress of a drought only deepens the color of the ornamental grass. Blue Fescue is one of the shortest ornamental grasses available, with the foliage not exceeding 12 inches in height, so mowing is only needed to remove seed heads if desired. It has good winter color and looks green during this period. Blue Fescues are very shade tolerant, often found in the dry shade of trees. Blue Fescue plant care includes cutting the plant back to 2 inches in the early spring. Trim Flower heads to prevent self-sowing. This ornamental grass seems to prefer some neglect.

Perennial plant forms a small (25-50cm) bush with lush narrow leaves gray-green color. It blooms in mid-summer soft gray-green panicles on direct stalk after flowering turn to light brown. Beautiful blue-blue-gray foliage looks best in spring and early summer. Fescue is an undemanding plant grows well in poor light, sandy soils, loves the sun.
Season: Perennial
Height: 10 inches
Width: 8 inches
Foliage Color: Grey-blue
Flower Color: Grey-blue


Fescue blue (gray) (Festuca cinerea)