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Euonymus maackii seed

lant Name: Euonymus Maackii tree Seeds

Latin Name: Euonymus Maackii.

chinese name: silk cotton wood / White Du
Storage: Keep in cool, dry and no light place
Euonymus maackii, also known as the peach leaf Euonymus, is a spear division Wei Mao is a deciduous tree. Distributed in north and south china, southern Siberia and the Korean Peninsula and other places. Silk cotton to sowing, cutting propagation based. Silk cotton Branches can not be planted in the house next to the wall, the court stone and pool side, can also be planted for shade trees. Can be used as medicine, with Qufengchushi; Huoxuetongluo; detoxification to Stop bleeding and other effects.


Euonymus maackii seed