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EngLish sage Salvia officinalis


 Perennial plant is a must-have for every herb garden.  Although it is grown mostly for culinary use, it's pretty light purple flowers will look great in any garden!  Use its leaves to flavor fish, poultry, pork, soups, sauces, and most Italian dishes, or as a fragrant garnish.  The entire plant is used medicinally; or dried for potpourri and herbal wreaths.  It can also be used in Native American smudging.  Plant indoors in pots and set out on the patio for the summer to bring back in for the winter; or transplant into the garden after all danger of frost.  May also be sown directly into the garden in the Spring, after the last frost, or start indoors 6 – 8 weeks earlier.  In warmer climates, may also be planted outdoors September – February!