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Dragons Blood Tree Seeds Dracaena Draco seeds

use:medicine. Bonsai plant

Dracaena draco, known as the Dragon's Blood tree, is a lovely tall Dracaena that originates from the Canary Islands.

Dragon's blood was used as a dye and medicine (respiratory & gastrointestinal problems)

The Dracaena draco tree is characterised by a single or multiple trunk growing up to about 8-12 metres tall (rarely more), with a dense umbrella-shaped canopy of thick blue-green leaves. Young trees remain with only a single stem; branching occurs when the tree flowers, when two side shoots at the base of the Flower panicle continue the growth as a fork in the stem.
As the old leaves die the stem gradually unveils with a scaly pattern.

At about 15 years of age, the stem stops growing and produces a flower spike with greenish-white lily-like perfumed flowers, followed by coral coloured berries.

When the bark or leaves are cut they secrete a reddish resin, one of the sources of the substance known as Dragon's Blood, used to stain wood, such as of the Stradivarius violins.