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Dendrobium officinale seeds

Dendrobium is a type of orchid. The plant consists of a long, thin stem, which is golden yellow in color, with a Flower at the end (which usually has five or six petals). Different varieties of dendrobium have different colors, but the most common colors are yellow and pink. The stem is used in herbal remedies.

In traditional chinese medicine, dendrobium is used primarily to replenish fluids. It is commonly used as a yin tonic to moisten the stomach and lungs, and has also been traditionally used as a tea to replace kidney yin jing. It is very effective for treating conditions such as dry mouth, stomach pain, mouth sores, sunstroke, and other conditions caused by dry weather, pollution or smoke.

Additionally, dendrobium is used to enhance skin quality. Dendrobium keeps the skin moist; constant drinking of dendrobium tea is believed to result in soft, beautiful skin.


The typical recommended dose of dendrobium is between 6-12 grams, which is boiled in water and used as a tea. Larger doses (up to 20 grams) may be used depending on the condition being treated.