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Cedrus Atlantica seed

A small dry deciduous tree with a dense crown and pinnate leaves. It is native to Northern Africa, where it is an extremely drought tolerant forest tree, highly valued for its wood, resin, tannins from leaf galls and for the small, oily fruits. It also makes a beautiful shade tree, suitable for warm temperate climates in USDA Zones 9 to 11.

DESCRIPTION: Genus of 4 species of monoecious evergreen conifers, present in the forests of the Himalayas and the Mediterranean regions. The Atlantic cedar is an evergreen tree that can reach 45 m in height, with a wide and expanded crown and needle-like leaves that give it the typical gray-green color. In the autumn period the cones mature, the male ones are yellowish in color and when the pollen is released they become brown. The female strobili are characteristic oval, reddish brown pine cones, which flake off in numerous scales when ripe. The seeds are provided with a wing and are dispersed by the wind.

PEDOCLIMATIC REQUIREMENTS: It adapts to all types of soil, preferably dry and permeable; avoid those that are too compact and asphyxiated. Likes bright exposure in full sun or partial shade. Rustic species, it bears minimum temperatures that reach -15 ° / – 20 ° C. Due to their beauty and grandeur they are widely used in parks and large gardens. They require large spaces to be able to develop at their best and it is not recommended to plant them in small gardens or too close to buildings. The most beautiful specimens are those low decks to which the basal branches have never been removed.