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Carya ovata seed

Caryer ovale seed

The tree is up to 30 m high with grey furrowed bark, exfoliating in large vertical bands (up to 50 cm long). Leaves up to 20-35 cm long, unpaired, with five (sometimes three or seven) elliptical or obovate leaflets.
Flowers are bisexual, staminate in growing 3 together catkins up to 10 cm long, pistillate flowers 3-5 on a single peduncle.
The pericarp of the fruit is reddish-brown, thick-walled (6-8 mm), opens at maturity. Endocarp (walnut) is almost white, up to 3.5 cm long, rectangular-rounded with 4-6 faces. The core is brownish and edible.
The meaning and application
The nut kernel is sweet, flavorful, and eaten in the same way as the pecan kernels.
The wood is hard, strong and strong, with a broad white sapwood and a brown or reddish-brown core. Like other types of Caria wood, it is used in construction and for the manufacture of various joinery products.
Very decorative tree, suitable for both single and group planting.