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Carya illinoinensis seed

seed name: Pecan(Carya illinoinensis)

Seed description: large, brown with dark marbling, oblong

Season: spring, summer, fall

Height: 60′ to 100′

Bloom season: late spring and summer

Growing conditions: best in full sun

Planting conditions: fall or after last frost

Seed depth: 1″ to 2″

Days to germinate: 7 days to 3 months

Zones: 6 to 11

Plant specifics: Pecan trees are a member of the Hickory family. The nuts are edible with a rich buttery flavor. They can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. Pecans are the fruit of the tree with a single pit, surrounded by a husk that starts out green and turns brown at maturity and splits into four sections to release the shelled nut.