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Camptotheca acuminata seeds Cancer Tree seed

Genus: Camptotheca
Species: acuminata
Common Name: Camptotheca
Other Name: Happy tree
Pre-treatment: not required
Height / Spread: 13m/-m
Plant Type: Medium Tree
Growth rate: fast
Vegetation type: deciduous
Leaf /Flower color: Green/White
Used in traditionally chinese medicine for centuries, all parts of this handsome, fast growing tree have show significant ability to treat certain forms of cancer & it’s currently being researched for applications in HIV/AIDS treatment.
A large (to 40’) well-shaped deciduous tree, “Happy Tree” is native to china & Tibet & often used in Japan as a shade tree.
Attractive, large, lush rich green leaves with deep veining are oval shaped, tapering to a point. In Summer, it bears small, creamy white flowers in rounded heads followed by curious fruit. Grows super fast in warm humid zones. Grow in sun & humus-rich soil. Doesn’t like to dry out.