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Brugmansia suaveolens seed


Brugmansia suaveolen:

Common Name(s):  Pink angel’s trumpet, maikoa, angel’s tears
Botanical Name: Brugmansia suaveolens
Cultivar: Pink

Flowers have a strong sweet frangrance and measure up to 16 inches in length.  This semi-woody shrub or small tree produces a single trunk with many branches.  Plants grow to a height of about 3 feet in their first season of growth and generally double in size again by the third season.  Flowering is modest in the first year with more profuse flowering occuring in consecutive seasons.  The medium-green, 6-inch long leaves are ovate to oblong and evergreen where hardy.  Suitable for use an an annual in cooler climates or can also be overwintered indoors as a houseplant or in a heated greenhouse.

Uses:  Hedging, specimen planting, containers, houseplant.  Plant in full sun and well-drained soil for best show; will tolerate some shade but may Flower sparingly or not at all.  Periods of drought will cause leaves to wilt but they may recover with subsequent watering.  In zones 8 and 9 plants will die back to the ground and resprout in the spring but are often short-lived.  Seeds require no pre-treatment; germination occurs in 21-90 days under warm, moist conditions.


Brugmansia suaveolens seed