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Italian Large Leaf Basil Ocimum basilicum



BASIL ITALIAN Large Leaf [ Ocimum Basilicum] is a very popular versatile herb. Both fresh and dried leaves are used in seasoning meat, poultry, fish, many Italian tomato and pasta dishes. It is also used in salads, dressings and is the main ingredient in pesto sauce. Basil is wonderfully fragrant growing in the garden as well as spicy in your cooking.

BASIL ITALIAN Large Leaf [ Ocimum Basilicum] has a particularly strong fragrance and flavor making it excellent for almost any basil dish, particularly pesto. Edible flowers are tasty in salads. There is no more useful herb in a warm, south window, and it can be grown indoors in winter. This is a great container variety.

The plant attracts bees and butterflies.