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Naga Bhut Jolokia seed Ghost Pepper ghost chilli

Bhut Jolokia Bih Jolokia  Borbih Raja Mircha Raja Chilli Mirch Mircha, Naga Moresh Naga  Morich  Tezpur

Uses: Culinary/Medicinal 
World hottest pepper! On the 0 to 10 heat scale that we use to rate peppers, it off the scale! On the Scoville system it is rated at over one million Scoville units. Native to northeastern India, bhut jolokia is a hybrid of C. chinense and C. frutescens. Brilliant red when mature. Seeds require warm soil to germinate, and peppers do best in light, well-drained soil in areas where there is a long hot growing season to allow them to come to their fiery best. Wear protective gloves to harvest ripe fruit.