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Banana passionfruit seed

Banana passionfruit seed










Banana passionfruit

Passiflora mollissima

Seeds for one of the most colorful of all passion vines Mollissima. The fragrance is very delicate. This plant is very vigorous and grows quickly to cover the small arbor in a few weeks, in part or full sun, and therefor is a desirable plant for quick coverage

Passiflora mollissima, commonly known as the Banana Passionfruit is one of the passion fruit native to Central and Southern America but now grown widely throughout the world as both a fruiting plant and as an ornamental. The name derives from the long yellow fruits like a squat banana that taste delicious. A good vine can produce up to 300 fruit in a good year.

However this vine is not restricted to just a fruit-bearing plant. It is evergreen and can take temperatures and cold down to about -5*C – it grows happily in southern England, although it does not fruit there. It can grow extremely rapidly given favourable conditions up to 10 metres a year. It has attractive foliage and produces beautiful pink blooms as illustrated. It can be used in a variety of ways..as a climbing vine,or, with root restriction, as a low groundcover , as a hanging basket subject or as an indoor. (Root restriction also increases fruiting and reduces vegetative growth.)

It requires a well-drained soil with plenty of moisture in the growing season, otherwise it is not fussy.