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Atractylodes seed

This plant contains good amount of Atractylone, which is helpful to cure many of health benefits. Generally,

the roots and rhizomes are used for medicinal purpose. They are combined with other herb and consumed to cure ailments.

Health Benefits:

 •Atractylodes is considered as very good tonic to boost the energy levels and immunity level.

 •Also known as diuretic drink flushes out all toxic mater from the body.

 •Atractylodes is regarded very good herb for diabetic patients as, it controls the sugar level in the blood stream.

 •Due to its purgative properties it easily eliminates the bacterial growth in the body.

 •It is well known as carminative agent, which is very good on digestive system.

 •Individuals who are under- weight can consume this herb as, it increases the appetite thus, gains weight.

 •Pregnant women are anemic can consume this herb to gain extra stamina and energy.

 •It is also believed that it cures night blindness.

 •You have to take good care of your fetus. It seldom gets infected thus, consuming this herb will calm down your fetus.

 •It soothes disturbed digestion and kills the bacteria or fungus that cripples the stomach.

 •A stress buster tonic, it relaxes stomach and spleen. The intake of this herb in a mixture strengthens the lower limbs.

 •Mix Atractylodes with cinnamon powder and Wolfiporia cocos to get quick relief from lung problems.

 •This decoction can also be utilized to overcome anemia problems or dyspepsia. It also bring down nauseate levels.

 •If the root is powdered and mixed with some other aromas, it is good remedy on jaundice.

 •Combine with citrus to overcome dyspepsia and anorexia.

 •It is utilized as sedative in pregnancy cases.

 •The consumption of Atractylodes brings down the level of glucose in blood stream, thus encourages the absorption of glucose.

 •It actually develops the body stamina.