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Albizia lebbeck seed

Albizia Lebbeck
Also known as: Indian Siris, Woman’s Tongue, Silk tree

A beautiful native tree to Indomalaya, New Guinea, Northern Australia and now widely cultivated and naturalized in other tropical and subtropical regions. Well known for its wide range of uses.
A nitrogen-fixing tree, with value for quality hardwood (cabinet, veneer, construction), fuel-wood and charcoal, and honey (source of nectar and pollen) an important food source for all wildlife in general. The extensive, shallow root system makes it a good soil binder and suited to soil conservation and erosion control. It is also used as an ornamental avenue tree, and makes a great shade tree. The bark contains saponins and tannins, used for making soap and in tanning.

It is deciduous and fast growing to a height of 18–30 m tall with a trunk 50 cm to 1 m in diameter. The leaves are bipinnate with one to four pairs of pinnae, each pinna with 6–18 leaflets. The cream white flowers are hemispheric pom-poms with numerous very fragrant long stamens, that are insect-pollinated . The fruit is a pod 15–30 cm long, containing six to twelve seeds. Hardy to USDA Zones 9b: to -3.8 °C (25 °F).
The flowers, fruit, bark, leaves and roots are all used in medicine. Commonly used for allergy and skin conditions, blood and respiratory tract conditions. Albizia does not contain alkaloids.

Albizia Lebbeck
Silk Tree – Exquisite flowers!

Albizia lebbeck is a species of tree, native to Indomalaya,
New Guinea and Northern Australia, its widely cultivated and
naturalised in other tropical and subtropical regions, and is one of the
most widespread and common species of Albizia worldwide

It is a tree growing to a height of 18–30 m tall with a trunk 50 cm to
1 m in diameter and the leaves are bipinnate, 7.5–15 cm long,
but this tree also makes a great Bonsai subject.

Protect from frosts. Minimum recomended temperature 5°C