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Acer tegmentosum seed

Other Names: Manchustripe Maple, Manchu Snakebark Maple, Manchustriped Maple

Manchurian Striped Maple is a small to medium sized tree with a broad, vase-like shape. Noted for its greenish-grey bark with bright white stripes, creating a spectacular addition to any garden. It brightens the shade garden and creates a ghostly frame against a backdrop of evergreens. Mid green leaves are more entire than most maples with 3 to 5 front pointing tips at shallow lobes. Ruby red winter buds on the ends of silver gray twigs are an eye catcher even on gloomy days. Finely textured large leaves turn a striking pale yellow in fall. The bark, especially on the younger branches is completely white during the winter months which is truly a stunning sight in winter landscapes.

Leaf: Opposite, simple with 3 to 5 lobes, with the tips of each lobe pointing forward. The edges of the leaves are finely toothed.
Flower: Small, yellow-green flowers emerge with the leaves in mid-April. The flowers are on pendulous racemes, followed by winged samaras.
Bark: Greenish-grey bark with bright white stripes.
Site Requirements /Soil Tolerances: Best suited to partial shade with a well drained, moisture retentive soil.
Culture: Keep the main trunk protected from full sun to prevent splitting and damage during the winter. The upright vase shape requires very little pruning to maintain, only remove broken or dead branches.
Uses: Shade Tree, Bonsai, Urban areas. Excellent as a specimen or planted in groups.


Acer tegmentosum seed