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Acer mono seed

The bark is smooth, from the second year yellow-gray. Buds are dark red in winter.
Leaves with five or seven lobes, 8-15 cm wide, green on both sides, cut weakly or to the middle, the edges are smooth; the underside is unkempt or with soft hairs on the main vessels. The blades are triangular and evenly pointed. Petioles long. Autumn coloring from yellow to red.
The flowers are yellow, on pedicels 4-6 cm, collected in a brush, appear simultaneously or before the leaves. Usually on one tree only male or only female flowers.
The fruit is a paired lionfish, the wing elongated 1-1. 5 cm wide and 3-3.5 cm long, including a flat nut 1-1. 3 cm long and 8-10 mm wide. The wings are arranged in the wing at different angles