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Acer buergerianum seed

Trident Maples are vigorous growers with relatively small leaves, and will develop large trunks and a well-aged look quickly. One of the easiest of the maples to grow, the red and gold autumn color is truly spectacular. Choose an upright form to match its natural habit.

Grown as a street tree in many parts of the world, Acer buergerianum or the Trident Maple can do well in dry soils and develops into an attractive medium-sized tree in the garden. This species is native to Korea, china and Japan and if left to grow on its own will reach 10m or more in height.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acer buergerianum
LEAF TYPE: Deciduous
HEIGHT (full size): 10-15m
WIDTH (full size): 5-10m
CLIMATE: Cold, Dry, Sub-tropical, Temperate
OTHER FEATURES: Attracts Birds||Easy Care Plants
OTHER USES: Containers||Ornamental
Bonsai DIFFICULTY: Beginner
BONSAI STYLES: Formal Upright||Informal Upright||Slanted Trunk


Acer buergerianum seed