Wasabi seed

Brassica juncea and Wasabia Japonica are two different kind of plant species. The Brassica juncea seeds are normally finely ground into powder, and are widely used in various western and Japanese cuisines. Given the cultural differences in food habits across countries, generally very little distinction is made between the two plant species, they are both commonly known as "wasabi".
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Brassica juncea seed(Natural.Wild. Taste:Pungent)

There are three types of Wasabia japonica commonly found and accepted worldwide. The native Wasabia japonica is grown for its unique, enlarged stem (sometimes described as a rhizome or root) for grating immediately before use. Wasabia japonica is difficult to cultivate, and that makes it impossible to meet the world's demand. What we are supplying are Wasabi seeds, which to be grounded into wasabi powder. Currently 30% of the wasabi powder available in Japan is supplied by our company.






In Japan, wasabi is usually sold by the seedling. But these seeds were obtained directly from the farmhouse in Japan who has been making wasabi from generation to generation since the 1600s. This is very quality the seed of wasabi that saved by the special method.
Name :  WASABI (Wasabia japonica)