chinese Desmodium gyrans seeds china CODARIOCALYX MOTORIUS seed DANCING TREE

Desmodium gyrans is well known as the “Telegraph Plant” and famous for its movement. The small lateral leaflets will rotate on their axis, moving in jerky motions under the slightest influence of touch, sunshine, warmth or small vibrations. At night they droop downwards.Mimosa pudica, the 'sensitive plant', is a source of fascination to adults and children alike. When touched, the narrow fern-like leaflets they almost instantaneously fold together and the leaf stalk droops. This sometimes sets off a chain reaction, with several leaf stalks falling on top of one another.The plant will gradually returns to normal, taking up to about half an hour. This touch-induced movement of leaves is known scientifically as thigmonasty, and is thought to be a defensive mechanism against grazers. At
night, the leaves will also fold and bend in movements known as nyctonastic movements (reaction to absence of light).